Monday, 22 September 2014

Notes de Program Night/ Notes from Program Night

Désolé pour le retard, mais pour les parents qui ont manqué Program Night, voici les notes de ma présentation Powerpoint.

Sorry for the delay, but for the parents who missed Program Night, here are the notes from my Powerpoint presentation.

Welcome back everyone!  Bienvenue!  I am very pleased to have your child in my class this year.  The following will help get us off to a great start.


This is a tool to record upcoming tests, events, homework and assignments.  The agendas are an effective communication tool between parent and teacher.  Should you have any questions or information to relay to me, I will answer you as early as I can.  For the times that the agenda may not be the appropriate place to convey information or concerns, please feel free to contact me personally.


Other than studying for tests, your child’s homework should be to complete any work not finished in class. At times, they will also be sent home with worksheets or activities that compliment what we are doing in class. As of next week, if your child does not have any homework, they are asked to read their French book.  As of October, they will be encouraged to read 10-15 minutes a night. 

Blogs and the use of Technology in the Classroom

My goal is to use as much technology as I can in the classroom, thus further enhancing your child’s educational experience.  On the blog you will find: homework, study guides (when necessary), useful links to help your child practice their French and support them in doing their homework, as well as Brain Breaks. If you have not visited them yet, there are parent links on the blog. I will be posting more frequently shortly as we are reaching the end of our introductory assignments in class. I would like to use the following: Kidblog, Youtube, Storybird, iPads, Powtoon, Prezi, Smart Notebook, ....

Classroom Management

In regards to classroom management, I am using Class Dojo (individually) and a class "gem jar". The students are rewarded based on meeting the following: helping others,  working well in groups, active participation in class lessons and discussions as well as working silently when required.
Rewards: as encouragement for their positive behaviour and having met those goals, I either reward the students with a choice in the “treasure box” (pencils, erasers, no homework passes) or a class reward such as extended recess, extra time on the computer or a special block of their choice (pj and suffy day, movie block, treats...). 

Tests and Evaluations

Tests, quizzes or presentations are given at the end of each unit. The students are given 10-14 days to prepare. A rubric and instructions are sent home for presentations. Study guides for tests or quizzes will be posted on the blog. 


On top of teaching French language arts, I will also be teaching Science, Social Studies and The Arts in French.  My goal is ensure a solid improvement in your child's French oral communication skills.  In order to attain this goal, I have daily oral exercises in which I encourage everyone to participate actively.  I will also be working on enhancing the skills that they already have in reading and writing in French.  I like to teach French in an interactive and participial manner, optimizing student participation and learning.

In an effort to support the curriculum and educational experience, should you have any expertise in any of these subjects, please contact me by sending a note in your child's agenda.  I will be happy to set up a workshop for you in our class.  I know that there is an abundance of talent in this community that could be used to enrich your child's educational and learning experience.

With your cooperation and support, I am confident that we can ensure that your child flourishes during this school year.

Your Partner in Catholic Education,

Mme Campbell

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